Here i am talking about the ensured facts about women. As we all know that Faisalabad is an industrial city where we can have large number of labour including women some of them are working in factories and some are work as private maids
The thing which i want to highlight is ,women who go out for trail work to support their families why they become victim of harassment?
Today i am gonna state a story of a private maid who was working in someone of the home in Faisalabad.
Its actually become very common to happen like this but most of the times such kind of people are afraid to come on screen or rise up their voice just for the sake to safe their values etc…
But the girl which i am gonna discuss here today through my story is open minded comparatively and she wants to rise up her voice to safe the other such kind of class.
It happened on 18th Nov 2017..
her named S* she is 21 years old.
She said that i was working in that home from last almost 3 months they were 6 members in a family husband wife and 4 children of them. Male owner of the home were quite young named wajid he was about 35 years old. S* says that it was like a routine that i went on work about 10Am daily and i never found wajid alone at home and i really have no idea about wajid’s intentions for me.
But unfortunately on 18th Nov when i went on my duty i found wajid alone at home i asked him about his wife named salma he told me that she went to school to attend a mother’s meeting of their kids and she will be back in two hours.
Then i started my work as per routine without having any idea about wajid’s intentions.
About 15 to 20 minutes passed like same then i was cleaning wajid’s and salma’s bedroom then suddenly wajid intered in room and started starring me i was avoiding him and concentrating on my work then wajid came closer and wanted to missuse me i was prohibit then he started threat me that if i will not obey him what he was asking me to do so he will fair me and take vulgar photos of mine and upload them on social media.
Although i was trying to safe myself he was slapping me and forcing me to obey him.
In the main while fortunately salma baji came back to home soon and cought us in that condition she was totally unmindful that what is happenning who is the actually reprehensible.
Then suddenly wajid pretend himself so innocent and blame me for all that.
Salma baji also trusted on her husband and they both started abusing me and called my family and ask them that i sexually forced wajid and wajid painted the picture in way in front of my family as i am reprehensible.
And my family didn’t listen me and stated hitting me.and recruit me to go out form home.
It was story of S*.
Here my question is for how long system will remain same and women will be victimize?
Where is the lack in system.?why government do not take such kind of issues seriously?why always women are blamed
Here i like to stat a line which is quite comment to say that” When poverty take place Respect goes”

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